In the past 3 weeks 6/7a and miss logans  class have been watching the movie cars for our skills for life sessions what is the difference beetween freindship and popurlaritary? lighting mcqueen the famous race car has allways thought about himself  but then he turns up in a little washed up town called radiator springs where he finds that freindship is more important then popurlaratiy?

about me

heey im josh i live in the half an hour from hobart limit area im 13 years young and i love active sports like surfing and any other sport i can get fast enuff to do some thing stupid on i live with my mum and my two sisters i dont live with my dad tho he lives up in woop woop some where he lives with my step mum and my lil brother and i go there every second weekend and  thats preety much my life

my grid

hello this is my grid wat you have to do on it is find as many two numbers that make 20 and there shuled be one number left that wont go in to anyy to make 20 play and injoy from  joshmy gridits ann easy but mind game and i think you will like it bye

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